Eventually I will have the rules here. Right now I am still making this site. I have been working on the front end and the overall aesthetic.

About was made by E. Cox to make a mancala game using javascript and to work on some other things. Features here will hopefully expand as time goes on.


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Dear Internet, is a website (obviously). The plan is to make an online mancala game. It will probably be based off of the 6 cup, 48 stone variety that is common in North America. The rules are simple, but there is room for strategy and competition.

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Currently some libraries are written in python which would make Django a good option. However a pure javascript option would be cool, and I can't overlook a php option as well. Perhaps some combo of these will do. I also do not know if it will be networked multiplayer, local multiplayer, or just single player against a bot. I will probably start with local multiplayer and work on an AI to play against. I still need to research the best approach to a mancala AI bot.

The main reason for this site, is the hope to work on some AI problems and think of creative solutions to writing AI with various difficulties that can be fun for people of all skills. I may also use machine learning to build an AI that is very competitive against the best of the best human players. However solving the problem with brute force might be difficult as this server is designed to use as little resources as needed.

I might also try a few other things on this server just to test out some Linux commands, networking configurations, and some other things. I will also probably ramble a lot.